About Us

The Khemera Dance Troupe was founded in the spring of 2000. The troupe consisted of eight individuals who wanted to do their part in preserving their cultural heritage. Appearing in sequined tiaras from a local costume shop and sashes made of glittery material that looked like something out of a bad ‘70s disco film, the troupe performed Robaim Choun Por and the coconut dance.

Since that time, the troupe’s directors have worked to provide the troupe with costumes hand made to resemble that of the Royal Dance Troupe in Cambodia. The Khemera Dance troupe consists of approximately 20 performers working to preserve an art form that was nearly demolished during the reign of Pol Pot.

With generous donations from various individuals and organizations, the troupe has been able to help revive the sinuous movements that were once reserved for royalty nearly 2000 years ago.